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I have chosen to offer At Home Massage rather than a brick-and-mortar building where you come to me because I believe that receiving the massage in the comfort and safety of your own home actually enhances and prolongs the benefits of the massage.

When you schedule a massage at home, I bring everything needed -- the table, the linens, the lotion and the music.  I use a Pandora station, so I can accommodate any music of choice.  The only thing I cannot do is bring or light candles.  If you would like candles in the room where you are receiving your massage it is your responsibility to provide them, light them and extinguish the candles.

Receiving a massage at home allows for a prolonged period of re-assimilation.  The lighting generally stays the same so there is no harsh jolt to your system from going from a relaxing massage room to the hectic crush of traffic and bright sunshine.  After receiving a massage in your home, you can spend a few minutes afterwards relaxing, reading or even taking a power nap.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

60 Min Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is combination of the long flowing strokes from a Swedish Massage combined with aspects of the Deep Tissue Massage as well as some Trigger Point Therapy.

Each Massage is customized to best address the issues that you are having at the time of your visit.

90 Min Therapeutic Massage

A 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage uses the same modalities as the 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage.  The difference in time allows for more work to be done on trouble areas, or to extend the relaxation time to combat stress.

10% Discount for
Health Care Workers
Seniors 60+
60 Min Therapeutic Pricing

1 Hour -- $70

Package of 4 -- $250

1 Year Membership:

1x per month -- $56

2x per month -- $105

weekly -- $196

90 Min Therapeutic Pricing

90 min -- $90

Package of 4 = $320

1 Year Membership

1x per month -- $72

2x per month -- $135

weekly -- $252



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